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What a discovery Peak Health has been for my health and wellness!  The combination of advanced services Peak provides is unparalleled, all in one facility.  My sessions there have provided me maximum muscle recovery, while leaving me feeling energized in both body and mind for days.   Peak’s vibe is consistently friendly and professional.  All trainers and staff are extremely knowledgeable, and help guide me towards the appropriate treatments to bring me optimal results for body.  

My Rating:  5+ Star


After going to Peak Health for about a month I felt much healthier and noticed reduced inflammation in my body. I loved the Body Charger and Body Oxygenator and the staff was very friendly! Overall I’d recommend it for athletes and anyone else looking for better health and lowered inflammation to live a better quality life!

Kent Melby

I have had chronic knee and shoulder pain, and noticed a significant reduction in symptoms after 1 month of treatment at Peak Performance. I also found that the Human Charger and Barometric chamber were highly effective in alleviating an acute low back flareup. It is amazing that protocols formerly available only to professional athletes and the like are available to everyone at Peak Performance, and the staff is highly knowledgeable and friendly